INTERVIEW WITH JASON MORNINGSTAR: TablePlay sits down with, Jason Morningstar, the co-founder of Bully Pulpit Games and creator of Fiasco, Night Witches, and Ghost Court. Jason discusses his history in the industry, His unique process of creating games, and indepth discusion on some of his mechanics.

EPISODE 046 – Interview – Jason Morningstar

INTERVIEW WITH MIKE OLSON: TablePlay sits down with, Mike Olson, the creator of the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game. Mike discusses his history in the industry, The process of creating the RPG, and the unique mechanics be brought to fate.

EPISODE 043 – Interview – Mike Olson

TESLADYNE'S NEWEST RECUITS: Chloe, Telsadyne's HR representative, take the two newest recruits, Spearhead XIII and Dr. Karen J. Oppenheimer P.H.D, on a routine tour of the Tesladyne's headquarters. After signing their life away with a signature, they are immediately pushed to their limit in the field of action science.

EPISODE 040 – Atomic Robo – Action Science 101 – Part 1